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Photo Gallery

There are a lot of pictures here - please allow time for them to download.  You can click on any picure to see a full size version..

Kitchens in Oak

Kitchens in Cherry

Kitchens in Pine

Decorative Painted Kitchens

Decorative Bathrooms

Decorative Bedrooms

Kitchens in Oak

english oak corner wall cupboard.jpg (19487 bytes) english oak island unit granite top.jpg (10232 bytes)

Antiqued English Oak cabinets, Beech worktops, handmade hinges & handles

english oak fited kitchen.jpg (16517 bytes) english oak units with butlers sink.jpg (15901 bytes)

English Oak, Natural finish, Beech worktops

english oak kitchen view.jpg (20345 bytes) english oak large kitchen view.jpg (22026 bytes)  english oak fitted units.jpg (16658 bytes)

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Kitchens in Cherry

kitchen view.jpg (19708 bytes) kitchen view2.jpg (16772 bytes)

Granite Worktops, Butlers sink, Island unit with fluted columns on corners

kitchen view5.jpg (15093 bytes) kitchen view4.jpg (19084 bytes)

kitchen view3.jpg (18491 bytes)

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Kitchens in Pine

main view 1.jpg (32935 bytes) island unit.jpg (25336 bytes)

Antiqued pine, with handmade handles and hinges

drawers1.jpg (24233 bytes) island unit2.jpg (24857 bytes)

main view 2.jpg (28937 bytes)

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Decorative painted kitchens

pink fitted kitchen view.jpg (17240 bytes) hob view.jpg (16925 bytes)

Many other decorative paint finishes available

fitted oven unit.jpg (18714 bytes)   Fitted dreser unit.jpg (21202 bytes)

 carousel.jpg (12513 bytes) fitted kitchen view.jpg (15148 bytes)

Broken paint finish, in white

wall units.jpg (12654 bytes)   veiw1.jpg (17816 bytes)

sliding trays.jpg (12914 bytes) veiw2.jpg (14504 bytes)small shelved corner piece.jpg (4303 bytes)

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veiw3.jpg (15647 bytes) corner view1.jpg (31741 bytes)

Yellow dragged on cream, with sponged panels.  Laminate surface with oak edges

corner view2.jpg (28167 bytes) full view2.jpg (33257 bytes)

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Decorative Bathrooms

end unit.jpg (10856 bytes) end unit2.jpg (13576 bytes) other end unit.jpg (15746 bytes)

Duck egg decorative paint finish, lattice doors

2.jpg (13363 bytes)

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Decorative Bedrooms

wardrobe and drssing unit.jpg (20873 bytes) wardrobe with hats on top.jpg (18877 bytes)

Architectural bedroom furniture above, decorative paint finish

Corner wardrobe below, dragged in grey on cream

Corner unit.jpg (15433 bytes) fited wardrobes.jpg (19193 bytes)

dressing room 1.jpg (11182 bytes) dressing room 2.jpg (12279 bytes)

fitted wardrobes with superb interiors, hand dovetailed drawer slides, cream finish

sliding drawers.jpg (15897 bytes) bedroom view.jpg (24965 bytes)

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